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Anne Wong

(Wellness Coach)

Coach Anne Wong Gives You The Tips You Need To Stay Healthy

She specializes in creating healthy behaviours in the realms of nutrition, fitness, and weight management. She helps busy executives to reach their health and wellness goals via healthy eating habits, fitness and weight management.

She will not just give you a meal plan. Instead, you will learn to empower yourself to create a happy and healthy lifestyle that fits your needs, one that is flexible and fun so you have more time and mental space for things you love like your family, friends, career and personal development.

Introducing the "NO DIET" Lifestyle Program

Discover my never-before-shared formula for getting your health under control while still enjoying your lifestyle in the process...

Hi, my name is Anne Wong. I’m a PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach and The Bio-Mechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist. Through my journey of learning how to care for my body, I’ve become an expert who can help you.

Before this like other moms, I spent most of my time working and taking care of everyone in the family but myself. Whenever there’s time for myself, I would just laze around doing nothing. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is bad enough, what’s more with poor diet. I noticed my health was deteriorating and like most of the people would do – rely solely on supplements and continue with the poor lifestyle. I saw slight improvement on my health but only temporarily.

This lifestyle continued until I observed 3 of my love ones – my late dad, mom and my late long serving maid who all suffered from heart disease. My mom is now dependent on medication to help reduce the workload on her heart. I knew if I don’t make a change, the consequence is going to be serious.

I believe people want to stay as healthy as they could but because of their busy schedules, they couldn’t stay on trek with those rigid diet plan and strict exercise regime. Let me tell you that to stay healthy and fit, you don’t have to give up on the food that you love and exercise your heart out. It’s more of building confidence, learning to trust yourself and choosing a perspective that serves you so you can implement effectively. We all love our family and want to care for them but first you must take care of yourself so you have the emotional energy to take care of them.

My style is to be flexible and personalize your plan to your schedule and routine. If you are a busy executive looking for a simple system that you can get started on right away that makes permanent lifestyle changes achievable, look no further. I will break the process into simple steps so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or frustrated and to make your current life healthier.

About This Digital Course

If you are a busy executive looking for a simple system that you can get started on right away that makes permanent lifestyle changes achievable, look no further. 

A simple “no diet” lifestyle system provides you with an almost effortless approach to change your lifestyle that is achievable even for the busiest man or woman. It breaks the process into simple steps so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or frustrated.

This program is suitable for anyone who want to prevent diseases and maintain or regain their health.

What You Will Learn:

Module #1 - Guide to Behavioural Changes
Module #2 - Nutritional Needs For Your Body Type
Module #3 - Meals Transformation
Module #4 - Self Myofascial Release
Module #5 - Exercise Technique

What will be covered in the modules...

Module 1

[No of Video(s): 2]

[Duration: 17:11]

Guide to Behavioural Changes

Setting a single overreaching goal is what makes people give up on changing eating habits and lifestyle. 

This module guides you to a gradual progression of small steps toward your ultimate goal. 

You’ll also learn to developing a positive attitude and a right mindset that can help the process of changing eating habits easier.

Module 2

[No of Video(s): 4]

[Duration: 13:04]

Nutritional Needs For Your Body Type

Know your body composition, energy levels and metabolic rates by identifying your body type can potentially help to target your nutritional strategies. 

By knowing the body types you are closest to will help you better tailor your macronutrients needs and exercise plan to meet your needs, and set realistic, attainable goals that pave the way to your success. 

Module 3

[No of Video(s): 1]

[Duration: 7:18]

Meal Transformation

This module gives you examples of the common meals that we take for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and how you can transform to a healthier meal gradually. 

You’ll also be provided with some simple recipes. 

Module 4

[No of Video(s): 4]


Self Myofascial Release / Stretching / Strengthening

This module is particularly important for people who has not been moving a lot.

 Healthy fascia is as important to well being as healthy muscles. Fascial imbalances can lead to a host of physical problems, from chronic pain to limited range of motion.

You’ll learn the technique of self massage, stretching and strengthening specifically targeting the common joint pains like the knee, lower back and shoulder.

Module 5

[No of Video(s): 3]

[Duration: 21:13]

Exercise Technique

This module is divided into 2 parts - stability and strengthening. Stability exercise is to develop the core components of our body’s mobility and stability systems which will allow us to have better control over our movements and process the energy stress exerted during exercise. 

Basic strengthening exercises are included in this module to improve our mobility and help in our day to day activities like getting up from squat position, picking up groceries and walking up the stairs. 

After completing the entire course, you will be able to...

Have the correct mindset to help change your eating habits and lifestyle.
Know how much to eat so you feel more energetic without over-eating.
Lose weight without starving and giving up the food that you love.
Know the basic exercises to correct your posture and have better stability and mobility.

Special Bonus !

PDF Book 

The Bulletproof Keto Diet

(Worth $17)

When people achieve ketosis, they not only lose weight, but they get a nice burst of energy; they think more clearly and their skin improves. There is a whole long list of tremendous health benefits of this diet.

This ebook will help you to adopt the keto diet and recalibrate your metabolism for sustainable weight loss.

You will learn:

The basics of a keto diet 
How to switch gradually from your existing diet to a ketogenic diet 
How to avoid psychological internal resistance to your lifestyle change.
How to lose pounds and remain them gone

Topics covered:

How Does Weight Loss Normally Work?
The Standard American Diet And Why You Can't Lose Weight 
The Keto Alternative
Keep This In Mind Before You Start Your Keto Diet
Keto Diet Step Number 1: Displace, Do Not Replace
Keto Diet Meal Plan Strategies That Work
Wind Down on Carbs
Turbocharge Your Keto Lifestyle Results With These Following Tweaks
Take Things To The Next Level With This Modification

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