The Business of Selling Digital Product Online

NOTHING can beat a Digital Product Business model...

If you truly ponder on it, it beats a physical product business anytime.

Here's why...

There are no real cost

You're selling information that is delivered via downloadable material such as a PDF file or online streaming video. Unlike physical products, you don't have inventory.

It can be fully automated

The entire business model can be fully automated once the eCommerce platform is up and running. Your customer pays you and they get their product access automatically via the system. That's it... all automated.

No location restriction

This also means that you can market your business outside your current location. Your business no longer have the location limitation of an "offline" business. This is only possible via an eCommerce platform.

Highly scalable

As your entire business model is online, you are no longer restricted to the size of your premise. This allows you to scale up your business without any restriction.

Profit margin is 100%

As your product is in "digital" format, you can create unlimited copies without incurring any real cost to you. Therefore, your profit margin goes up to 100%.

Using social media

The entire marketing process will be done via social media platform like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Thus your "digital" products will have the widest reach as compared to any conventional marketing platforms.

Here's why you should choose a digital product business...

Join Our eLearning Platform As Vendor

(But leave the technical part to us...)

If you are the owner, founder or creator of an OFFLINE program, we can help you to turn your skillset/passion into a business via our Go Pro Digital eLearning Platform.

Here Are The Benefits Of Joining Our eLearning Platform:

We will help you to monetize your existing SKILLSET, EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE in your offline operation to create a new eLearning platform for you.
Therefore, you will have BOTH offline and online business models running concurrently.
You do not need any technical skills. We setup and customize the entire system for you.
It will also provide you will all analytics and sales reporting system.
 It also integrate payment gateway with PayPal and FPX internet banking.


We will also run all the marketing campaigns for your eLearning platform. You just sit back and relax!


So Why Are People Still Selling Physical Products With An eCommerce Store?


Well, because they don't really have an "option" to start with DIGITAL PRODUCTS.

I mean, let's be honest...

Assuming you can achieve success with both models, which one would you choose?

A model that can be fully automated, that is totally risk-free as there's no cost, and gives you 100% profit margin… or do you still want to follow the "conventional" physical product e-Commerce process?

I'm not saying physical products are not good; What I am saying is…

The reason why some don't do it is because they perceive that building a digital product business is a bit harder than doing an eCom physical products business...

So because they are not sure of how to build a digital product business, they just build a physical product eCom business. After all, it's better to have a physical product business than nothing!

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